Monthly Q&A

Eightyone Readers Heap Praise on Downtown Restaurants (March 2008)

Dear Eddie: Why are downtown Harrisonburg restaurants so popular?

EB: The simple answer is because local people and tourists like what the downtown restaurants have to offer. Our restaurants have unique menus, interesting architecture, great service, local ownership and outstanding food. Eightyone magazine readers rated The Joshua Wilton House – the Best Fine Dining, Downtown 56 – tied for Best Rookie, The Little Grill Collective – the Best Breakfast, Cally’s Restaurant & Brewing Co. – the Best Bar, Earth & Tea Cafe – the Best Cozy Cafe, The Artful Dodger – the Best Coffee Shop, Dave’s Downtown Taverna – the Best French Fries, Jess’ Lunch – the Best Hot Dog, L&S Diner – the Best Diner, Shank’s Bakery – the Best Bakery, and Downtown Wine & Gourmet – the Best Wine Shop. Several restaurants received multiple awards (not mentioned here). The competition included the remainder of Harrisonburg, Rockingham County, Augusta County, Waynesboro and Staunton. Congratulations to the winners!


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