Monthly Q&A

The Next Step Downtown (April 2008)

Dear Eddie: How can I find out more about the upcoming streetscape plan for downtown?

EB: The first phase of the downtown streetscape plan will be implemented this year along the east side of Main Street from Bruce to Elizabeth Streets. A contract has been signed with Linco of Waynesboro to provide the work, and a public open house meeting has been scheduled for Thursday, April 10 in the Main Meeting Room at the Massanutten Regional Library. People are invited to stop by anytime between 4:00 and 8:00 PM to meet the contractor, design firm and engineering firm, as well as city and HDR representatives. This is your chance to see drawings, to receive information about timing an appearance, and to ask questions. A joint city/HDR Streetscape Task Force has been formed to promote communication with the community and business owners/residents about this project. We hope you can attend. (Update: visit our page on The Next Step Downtown to view design plans and photos and get up-to-date streetscape news.)


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