Monthly Q&A

New Sidewalks Worth Construction Dust, Say Visitors (July 2008)

Q:  What has been the response to the public improvement projects in downtown and how are people adjusting to the construction process?

A:  Change, even positive change, often brings some level of stress and challenge, and the new downtown projects are no exception.  We wish to thank the businesses, customers, contractors and city departments for their cooperation and support.  With the start of the construction of the Farmers’ Market pavilion in the Municipal Parking Lot, most people have been understanding of the tighter space and limited parking.  Although the first phase of the Next Step Downtown streetscape construction between Bruce and Water Streets has created some expected challenges for businesses and customers, the contractor is committed to keeping streets and store entrances open and accessible as much as possible.  Already the public has been very complimentary regarding the new look of the brick sidewalks and limestone landscape bed borders.  Check out the progress yourself by paying a visit to the construction site or to our website ( for updated information and additional photos.


One thought on “New Sidewalks Worth Construction Dust, Say Visitors (July 2008)

  1. The new sidewalks look great and the Pavilion will be well worth the minimal hassle! Thanks to everyone involved for all the hard work!

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