Monthly Q&A

Top Achievements for Downtown Revitalization (November 08)

Q: Looking back over the last five years, what are some of HDR’s key achievements?

A: This year HDR celebrates our fifth anniversary and we are pleased with the progress toward creating a more vibrant downtown. Examples include: becoming a designated Virginia Main Street community; creating a state and national historic district; promoting more businesses and living units downtown; improving the appearance of downtown with streetscape projects and building renovation; and developing strategies to retain and strengthen existing businesses. We have also worked to add additional special events and new projects, promote downtown through public relations and media coverage, and develop a positive image of our downtown’s strengths and assets. All this progress toward downtown revitalization is due not only to HDR’s staff and volunteers, but also the hard work and support from the city, downtown businesses and property owners, other organizations and the general public.

Question for readers: What do YOU consider to be the greatest achievements for downtown in the past five years?


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