Win $1,200 Worth of Gifts from Downtown Harrisonburg Merchants

With shoppers experiencing tighter budgets this holiday season, the Merchants of Historic Downtown Harrisonburg are giving back – with a grand prize of $1,200 worth of gifts.

Downtown visitors are invited to enter the Window Wonderland Giveaway, sponsored by Harrisonburg Downtown Renaissance.  Prizes are currently on display at 124 South Main Street (the former Lä Dē Dä space across from Dave’s Downtown Taverna).  To win the entire window of gifts, visit at least half of the showcased businesses and find out the exact value of the donated item.  Record the values on an entry form, available at the decorated storefront, the Hardesty Higgins-House, and various downtown businesses.

“Not only does this highlight our downtown businesses in a prominent, beautiful showcase on Main Street, but it also encourages shoppers to go into those businesses that they’ve always heard about, but never got around to visiting”, says promotions manager Alexis Morehouse, “We’re really hoping to see a continuing trend of buying local this year as shoppers choose where to purchase their holiday gifts”.

Some items include:

  • a wine-of-the-month club membership,
  • a full spa package,
  • home décor items,
  • a ukulele,
  • toys for tots,
  • restaurant gift certificates

Harrisonburg Downtown Renaissance will collect all entries at the Hardesty-Higgins House (212 South Main Street) through December 14th and will announce a winner on Monday, December 15th.

More details are available by calling 540.432.8922 or visiting


2 thoughts on “Win $1,200 Worth of Gifts from Downtown Harrisonburg Merchants

  1. I’m sure that this will have good results, but personally this type of contest isn’t very appealing. I find it a bit tacky to ask the person so kind enough to donate a prize what the value of that prize is. I’d be much more inclined to fill out a form at each business I enter. The more businesses I go to, the more chances.

  2. Emmy — that’s an interesting angle I hadn’t thought about. I assumed if you went into the establishments that you’d be able to look around and figure out how much the item costs without having to ask the person who donated it. Maybe not? I haven’t gone around to figure the prices out, so I don’t really know how it would work.

    I thought it was a rather fun idea, kind of like the “how many pennies are in the jar” type of contest — trying to get the closest to the value. 🙂

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