Monthly Q&A

What’s Up with the Kiosk on Court Square? (January 09)

Q: What information will be displayed in the new kiosk on the southeast corner of Court Square:

A: The kiosk is part of the wayfinding signs project, and is intended to be useful to pedestrians seeking directions or more information about our downtown. A committee made up of city, HDR and other representatives has worked on the design and content of the four panels, and their recommendations are in the process of being fine-tuned by a design professional.

One panel will have the heading Our City and provide basic information and photos about Harrisonburg and downtown.

A second panel under the title of Directory will have a map of downtown and list retail businesses.

The Events panel will list community and non-profit activities and events of interest to the public.

The fourth panel is for Announcements and can include meeting notices, event posters and other appropriate information.

The committee will update information on the panels every three months. We hope the panels will be installed in the very near future.

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