Downtown Events Receive a Makeover in the New Year

We mentioned in an earlier post about planned changes to the Tour of Virginia (Seven Projects to Be Excited About in 2009), which include keeping the bicycle races entirely in Harrisonburg and Rockingham County and holding professional and community races from the downtown to Reddish Knob. Tour organizers are still looking to secure a title sponsor for that event, and you’ll hear it here as soon as we hear more.

Other changes to recently formed events are planned for this year.  This year, Court Days Festival is reinventing itself as the Court and Market Days Festival with events centrally located around the Downtown Harrisonburg Farmers’ Market. Like in years past, this June event will feature historic reenactments and culture from 1850’s Shenandoah Valley, with an eye this year toward the area’s living tradition of the central farmers’ market. Expect 19th century traditions like shape note singing and a traveling medicine show to share space with modern craftsmen and musicians in this unique one-day festival.

As always, HDR needs volunteers to serve on event committees and day-of-event volunteers, as well as sponsors. Please contact Kris Ludwig if you can assist in anyway with the Tour of Virginia, Court Days Festival, or any of our other Spring or Summer events. 540.432.8922 or


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