Replacing Luigi’s: Fratello’s Italian Pizza?

Posted by Lisa N. Ha:

I was driving past Water Street this evening and saw this hand-written sign hanging from the former Luigi’s Downtown Pizza Co. building:

“Coming Soon – Fratello’s Italian Pizza”

Coming how soon?

Who is this Fratello?

And “Italian” pizza? As in, real Italian-style pizza found in Italy vs. the extra-processed-hold-the-fresh-ingredients version we’re all accustomed to here in America? Or (more likely) just a case of redundant naming?

Answers coming soon.


7 thoughts on “Replacing Luigi’s: Fratello’s Italian Pizza?

  1. Unconfirmed word on the street is it’s going to be run by the same family that owns the Ciro’s pizza restaurants.

  2. how can you sell “authentic italian” food when you’re salvadorian…you are right though. It is from the Ciro’s guys….which again..not ITALIAN at all…

  3. Are there any Italian restaurants or pizza shops in Harrisonburg or surrounding that are owned operated by authentic Italians?
    I believe L’Italia…and Sergios Pizza in Bridgewater. Any more?

  4. I think Franco’s in Harrisonburg Crossing may be Italian-owned, too, though correct me if I’m wrong. I’d LOVE for them to move downtown.

  5. Both L’Italia’s in Hburg and the L’Italia/Emilio’s in Staunton are run by Italians. But they’re all related anyways.

    Most of the pizza shops were STARTED by Italians, but they’ve all left now. Bravo’s use to be, now it’s American. Ciro’s use to be, now it’s Salvadorian. Francesco’s is Salvadorian. So is the new one in Bridgewater. And the old Luigi’s on S. High St.

  6. Regretfully, this restaurant is no longer going to open under the Fratello’s/Ciro’s management. We are optimistic, however, that the lease will be picked up and the building occupied in the near future.

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