Topic: Beer, Downtown

This post is inspired by Downtown Wine & Gourmet’s recent announcement that they will be offering beer tastings every Saturday from 1-4 in addition to their Friday evening wine tastings.  If you’re checking your calendar, that’s right! Today is ripe for a free tasting – just head on down to Court Square.

Downtown Wines is located in the same building as Harrisonburg’s resident microbrewery, Cally’s Brewing Co. Bring your growler and fill up on the award-winning Smokin’ Scottish and Nut Brown after picking up some new brews at the wine store.

Finally, it begs mentioning that Midtowne Market recently received a positive customer review on Yelp. Why would someone go out of his way to write an online review of a mini-mart? The beers. Here’s an excerpt:

More importantly, and the reason I am writing this review, is that Midtowne Market stocks an ever changing selection of unusual/hard to find beers. They stock Rouge Ales, Bell’s Beer (a good brewery from Michigan), and many other brands that you will be hard pressed to find without a trip to Northern Virginia. Finally, note that their selection is ever changing, so on a positive note there will usually be something new to try, but on a negative note, you might find your new favorite beer only to have it disappear the next time you visit. It’s not perfect, but it’s a refreshing change from the usual beers sold at supermarkets elsewhere.

(Thanks to Midtowne Market co-owner Kelly Brady for the link.)

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