Why You’ll Love Jack Brown’s

Thanks to Kris Ludwig, Special Events Manager at HDR and Jack Brown enthusiast, for writing this guest post.

I am so excited for Jack Brown’s Beer & Burger Joint. Not only is it the coolest little addition to downtown, but it is owned by my brother-in-law Aaron and friend Mike Sabin. With my inside scoop, here are some interesting facts that you may not know:

  • The burgers are so delicious because they are made with domestic KOBE beef and the hotdogs will be kosher.
  • You can get a burger & beer for under $10.
  • A deep fried OREO is an experience in itself – YUM!
  • I’m sure it’s the only spot in the ’burg with a wagon wheel / working disco ball combo.
  • The bar top is made from a huge tree that fell at the parent’s property in Sperryville. Check out the pictures along the wall.
  • Speaking of the walls, the wood is from an old barn in Timberville.
  • In true saloon style, the guys love guns, so we can thank Ray for shooting up the barstools.
  • There will be private event space upstairs and outdoor dining.

Come check out JB’s, the ‘burg’s newest watering hole. The barstools are full of familiar faces.


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