Gitchell’s Photography Celebrates 100 Years

In early 1909, brothers John and Frank Gitchell bought a photography studio in Charlottesville. John and Frank married sisters, Allie and Mary Omohundro, and worked together for more than two decades until John and Allie decided to branch off and start their own studio. In 1934, they purchased Deane Photography Studio in Harrisonburg, changing the name to Gitchell’s. John and Allie’s son, John Gitchell, Jr. joined the family business in 1951 and three years later, they purchased the building at 79 E. Market Street that still serves as Gitchell’s Photography Studio.

One hundred years later after John and Frank bought their first studio, John’s granddaughter Christa (John Jr.’s daughter) proudly continues the tradition of excellence. Today, Gitchell’s is one of the largest film processor’s in Virginia. Read more about the studio’s history and see a photo of the first shop here.

To celebrate the business’s first century, Gitchell’s invites its customers to bring in wedding photos, family portraits, and other pictures taken by the studio over the years. Bring your mementos on May 1, 2009 to receive one free 8×10″ print.


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