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Harrisonburg Historian Donates Scrapbook Collection to Downtown Library

There are few people more valuable to downtown as Bob Sullivan. A former city planning director and resident of the Old Town Historic District, Bob is often one of the first people we go to when we want to know the background of a downtown building or event. His two-hour walking tour beginning at the Municipal Building and ending with ice cream at Kline’s was always a popular draw at Valley 4th and our downtown walking tour series. Every time I  participated, I learned something new about our town.

Though he can no longer provide tours due to health reasons, Bob has continued to play a vital role as our unofficial city historian. Recently, he donated 37 of his scrapbooks with news headlines from the 1960s to 2001 to the Massanutten Regional Library, as printed in today’s Daily News-Record. According to the paper, after the scrapbooks are indexed, they will be available for public viewing on request at the downtown library on Main Street.


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