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Downtown Dominates DNR “Best of the Valley” Awards

Once again, Daily News-Record readers have shown their overwhelming support of downtown Harrisonburg shops, restaurants and other businesses with their votes in the annual “Best of the Valley” survey. Running away with the most honors is Clementine with EIGHT awards, including best renovation and best place to be seen. Harrisonburg Farmers’ Market made its first appearance on the list as the best place to take visitors, likely aided by its new location under the Turner pavilion constructed since the last poll.

Some favorites, like the Little Grill Collective, James McHone Jewelry, and Jess’ Quick Lunch, retained their titles as best vegetarian/breakfast, jeweler, and cheap eats, respectively, while the Artful Dodger showed its expanding versatility by winning the best dancing and best karaoke titles. Downtown services also got a shout out on this year’s list, with the Studio winning best salon and the Beauty Spa taking best day spa. Congratulations to other downtown businesses listed below – 16 in total!

Similar to last year, downtown as a whole won both accolades and criticism, with voters choosing downtown revitalization as the best use of taxpayer money and listing downtown among their favorite part of Harrisonburg, while displaying a lack of fondness for our new blue and yellow wayfinding signs as their least favorite part about the ‘burg.

DNR’s “Best of the Valley” Winners: Downtown Highlights

Cheap Eats
Jess’ Quick Lunch

The Little Grill Collective

French fries

Late-night eats


Drink specials
Clementine Café

Best atmosphere
Clementine Café

Place to take your family
Clementine Café

Place to be seen
Clementine Café

Place to sit and read
Earth and Tea Café

Outdoor dining

Place to blow your diet
Kline’s Dairy Bar

Place to take a date
Clementine Café

Downtown restaurant
Clementine Café

Best appetizers
Clementine Café

Best breakfast
The Little Grill Collective

The Studio

Day Spa
The Beauty Spa

Wine shop
Downtown Wine & Gourmet

James McHone

Best dancing
Artful Dodger

Best entertainment value
Court Square Theater

Best cheap date
Kline’s Dairy Bar

Artful Dodger

Harrisonburg Children’s Museum

Best place to take visitors
Harrisonburg Farmer’s Market

Best renovation
Clementine Café

Best use of taxpayer money
Downtown revitalization

Best way to spend a Saturday morning
Farmer’s market (Dayton, Shenandoah and Harrisonburg)

Best place to propose
Joshua Wilton House


2 thoughts on “Downtown Dominates DNR “Best of the Valley” Awards

  1. i love the dodger and clementine but i think that both the dancing and the rennovation go to the nile. however, if the category were ‘best thing to happen to downtown since main street burned’ then i’d definitely go with clementine.

  2. I’m with you, Seth. Can’t remember who I voted for, though I’m glad Shank’s Bakery coffee finally got its due.

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