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New Window Art for One Court Square

Dear Eddie: I notice several new posters on buildings around downtown and new art on the One Court Square building. Can you tell me more about these projects and how they came about?

Blue and gold signs indicate businesses opening soon

Blue and gold signs indicate businesses opening soon

From time to time Harrisonburg Downtown Renaissance receives suggestions from downtown business people or the general public that can lead to positive changes. Barton Mercer, co-owner of Madison Interiors, commented that occasionally visitors to downtown see vacant buildings and assume there are no plans for occupancy. This led to HDR producing five attractive blue and gold signs announcing the plans for five new businesses to fill existing downtown space. Look for signs in the windows of Union Station, Pennybackers, Beyond, Polished*, and Digital Phenom, with additional signs for new businesses expected to be added soon.

One Court Square Windows

One Court Square windows designed by Lynda Bostrom

Brandon Amstutz, owner of Downtown Fine Furniture, recently commented that the One Court Square property could benefit from some exterior improvements until a buyer/use is found for the property. HDR contacted the Harrisonburg Redevelopment & Housing Authority, and they are working in partnership with the Arts Council of the Valley for new artwork in the display windows facing Court Square. The mural, by Lynda Bostrom, will be a sequence of colorful paintings that were inspired by the artist Josef Albers, who is renowned for a series of paintings titled “Homage to the Square.”

Do you have a suggestion for downtown Harrisonburg? Leave your comments below or email

*look for an interview with Polished owner Melanie Woodard to appear on this blog later this week!


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