Welcome to Downtown, Beyond!

Posted by Lisa N. Ha

Beyond became my favorite downtown restaurant before it even opened.

No, it’s not because I’m Vietnamese and they serve Pan-Asian cuisine…not entirely, at least. I loved the idea of the business emerging from the Spanky Macher/pedestrian walkway/parking deck construction incidents. (True dowtownies will know the events to which I refer without further explanation.) Like a phoenix rising from the smelly midnight steam of Black’s Run, this restaurant was going to elevate the scandal-laden Water Street to a new plane of existence. Even its name, Beyond, seemed to imply that it would eclipse our small town squabbles in the shadow of its uber-modern facade.

Am I putting too many expectations on a small, family-owned restaurant? Certainly. But I got a chance to eat at Beyond for lunch today, and my prediction that it would propel to the top of my list of favorites, along with Indian American Cafe and Joshua Wilton House, came true.

Here’s what my table ordered:

  • goat cheese and caramelized onion crostinis,
  • pineapple wontons,
  • miso soup,
  • fried vegetable dumplings,
  • stir fried vegetable noodles,
  • chicken curry puffs, and
  • the house red wine (a Chiraz).

The food was devilishly good, especially the pineapple cream cheese wontons, and I was especially impressed by the server’s attentiveness and obvious excitement to be open. We pelted him with our orders, and he took the time to suggest course groupings so that we could fully enjoy our selections. We were in and out in an hour and fifteen minutes, even after taking time to pour over the menu, celebrate the birthday of one of our party members and admire the renovation. I could go into more detail, but hburgnews has already done a very good job of it, including describing unique features of the restaurant and interviewing the owners. Read Renee’s article here.

Welcome to downtown, Beyond!


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