JMU Student Org Invites H’burg Community to Explore the World of Films

Next Monday, October 5, Clementine and Cinemuse Film Club will present a free showing of Amelie, a 2001 French romantic comedy and five-time Academy Award nominee, including nods for Best Foreign Film and Best Original Screenplay. The event starts at 7 PM with a short discussion afterward.

Cinemuse is a student-run JMU organization where film enthusiasts gather to watch and discuss classic, independent and foreign films. Club president Jessica Weaver states that members selected Amelie “due to its name recognition and the fact that it’s been embraced by a variety of movie goers,” from independent and foreign film buffs to so-called “chick flick” fans and people whose only experience with foreign movies is the spaghetti-eating scene from “Lady and the Tramp.”

The wide appeal of Amelie also serves the club’s secondary mission – to connect the JMU and Harrisonburg communities over film. Says Weaver, “We’re very grateful to Clementine for working with us to provide this opportunity at no charge. We hope lots of people from the community can join us on Monday.”

In addition to watching films, the club provides an outlet for aspiring actors, screenwriters and directors to produce films. Last year the club produced a 30-minute short film, “Splintered Dreams.” According the the club’s web site, the film “describes the story of a man (Lash Dooley) battling his past, and his mysterious relationship with Tori (Karla Sakas). His paintings slowly produce haunting images that a detective (Andrew Darnell) attempts to decipher before Jon loses all sanity.” You can view the trailer for “Splintered Dreams” here.

Next March, Cinemuse will also host its annual film festival. Each year club members choose movies centered around a theme. This past February, eight movies related to the “Seven Deadly Sins” were screened for free at Court Square Theater and JMU’s Grafton Stovall Theater. This year’s theme is yet to be determined, though the club hopes to bring in JMU professors to facilitate discussions on how the films connect to the theme, a popular feature of past events. We’ll post more details on the film festival as they become available.


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