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Downtown Retail to Open Late to Promote Local Shopping During the Holidays

Downtown retailers invite residents to visit downtown for all of their holiday shopping needs with over 31 retail stores to choose from.  The retailers rallied together during the most recent meeting of Merchants of Historic Downtown Harrisonburg to present a united retail front.

All of the following members will be open until at least 7pm on Fridays to give residents an opportunity to shop downtown after work.

  1. Oasis
  2. You Made It
  3. The Yellow Button
  4. Downtown Fine Furniture
  5. Polished
  6. James McHone Jewelers
  7. Laughing Dog
  8. On The Turtles Back
  9. Wonder
  10. Ragtime Fabrics
  11. Downtown Wine & Gourmet
  12. Shenandoah Bicycle Company

What better way to spend a Friday evening than to stroll through our ever expanding Downtown for Holiday shopping and then enjoy a fine meal with friends and family at one of over 25 unique and locally owned restaurants.

In this down economy shopping locally supports our Historic Downtown Community.  Buying from your neighbors means keeping your money local all while exploring the most unique gifts available.


2 thoughts on “Downtown Retail to Open Late to Promote Local Shopping During the Holidays

  1. This is great information! Addresses of the shops would be really helpful, as there are a couple that I wasn’t even aware of and would love to go visit them.

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