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Welcome To Cuchi Guidos – Are You Hungry? (Review)

By Judy Morehouse

“Welcome To Cuchi Guidos – Are You Hungry?”

That’s the cheer that greets you when you enter our newest downtown eatery, located at 95 S. Main Street.  Being opening day, there were lots of customers coming and going, but the staff was handling the confusion very well.  I sat at a table to look over the limited menu (the full-scale menu is not available until Monday, January 25) when the General Manager, Ross Teague, appeared with 2 complimentary “Cuchi Guidos Cup Cakes” that were very good.  They reminded me of a moist corn muffin with a hint of coconut, baked in a banana skin and topped with a drop of cream cheese.  Ross stated that his top three specialties (but everything is good!) are the “Cup Cakes”, the “Philly Cheesesteaks”, and, the “Panzarotti”, so I tried them all!!

I ordered the Caesare Cheesesteak and it arrived over-flowing with meat (rib eye or chuck eye), sauteed onions & cheese, on a 12″ roll (from a secret location according to Ross) with mayo and served warm.  It was enough for 2 people; cost $12; and was excellent!!! (of course, I only had a small taste and will be eating it for the next 2 days)

I also ordered the pepperoni Panzarotti and it came with a “How to Eat a Panzarotti” instruction card.  It is a deep-fried pocket of dough stuffed with your choice of options and reminded me of a calzone, except it was deep-fried, not baked.  It had cheese, sauce & pepperoni inside, but I feel it needed some spices or some dipping sauce to jazz it up alittle.  Cost $6.  Probably would not order again, but was satisfying as the first go-around.

And, the third recommendation from Ross was the Cup Cakes and I would definately order these again – they were really good.

The restaurant has 2 levels – street level can accommodate about 20 customers and an upper level that can accommodate around 60. There is a beer & wine bar upstairs, but soft drinks are also available. The only criticism I have about the upper level is the access to it – you have to climb a winding staircase that is used for both entrance
and exit and if you should encounter another person going the opposite direction, it”s very close!  I don’t feel that this would be an easy option for a large person.

I look forward to trying the pizza on my next visit.  The website is not up an running yet, so the best way to order is to call 540-44-Cuchi.


19 thoughts on “Welcome To Cuchi Guidos – Are You Hungry? (Review)

  1. Great review. I agree about the staff handling things well despite the enormous crowds. I was talking to Ross while waiting for a table and he told me they went through 80 POUNDS of steak before dinner, so they were sold out of cheesesteaks at dinner. I had the pizza and it was excellent. It’s my new favorite in town (followed by Ciro’s and Franco’s).

    Also, the beer and wine selection is nice. My wife and a friend of hers had 2 different red wines (only $4) and I had a couple of Dogfish Head 60 minute IPAs. They have at least a half dozen beers on tap and they’re quality, unique beers.

    All in all, Cuchi Guido’s is a great addition to downtown and I hope they’re here for the long haul. I’m really looking forward to trying the hoagies, too.

  2. All this hype for this place? Was it the owners who posted this?,because on my visit it was TERRIBLE! they have inexpierienced waitresses afraid to talk to you,they had to make multiple trips after you get your food for them to bring you silverware,waited 35 mins for a steak and cheese and then arrived cold!w/barely no cheese on the sandiwch ,then waited another half hour to get a antipasto salad.Im sorry but they advertise philly cheesesteaks,ny pizza,–im from nyc and when you get a sandwich there its hot,loaded w cheese and fast service I hope this place gets better I may try it again…

  3. My wife and I waited 55 mins for food that never came.Was offered a free dessert without even getting lunch.”Way to go team”.Now I normaly will give a place a second chance but as we were leaving the Very Loud and by the way very Obnoxious owner ask and I quote”How was it”My reply was It sucked and he said “Then don’t come back” I told him that he didn’t have to worry about that.God you have to love these jackass floridians with his New York attitude that thinks everyone including his customers have to bend at the knee for him.Well let me say that I hope the people that read this are smarter than we were and walk right on by this place not giving it a first chance.That would be the smatest move.

  4. Geez Louise. I think I’ll wait a few months then before trying it out. I hope by then they work out their serving kinks and have a change of heart about the girl band and “hot” girl calendar ideas.

  5. I tried this place because of all the hype it was given before the opening. I was totally dissatisfied!! The pizza sauce is very bland and the crust had a cardboard taste..if ya wanna call it that!! Very RUDE staff!! I will not be back!! In my opinion Franco;s still has the true winning pie in the entire valley.

  6. Good Lord!! This place is a joke. The place is decorated like the owner watched one too many bad movies. He’s also EXTREMELY loud and obnoxious. I was missing Luigi’s before this place came. Now I’m REALLY missing it. Hopefully it’ll close down, get a new owner/staff in, and try it again. And on another note. The Breeze usually offers honest reviews. But I can’t help but think their review of this place was WAY biased. “You feel like you’re in Manhattan!” Seriously? Apparently you don’t get out much. Also the owner states “Cows are the all same anywhere you go, the beef’s all the same. ” Also completely untrue. Obviously he has NO training in a culinary world, or he would know beef tastes different depending on what feed they are given, age of slaughter, etc. Idiot.

  7. Sigh. Cuchi-not-so-guidos is a true disappointment. The sauce was bland and the crust was reminiscent of cardboard. The wait–45 mins for a grease soaked bruschetta pizza served with paper plates which leaf a nice slippery puddle on the table. The staff–had no clue which way was up or down. The owner–boisterously rude. My prediction is Cuchi Guidos will be nothing more than a faint memory in less than a year.

  8. I almost never try a new restaurant until about 3 months out. Usually too crowded and the staff / management are still working out the kinks.

    I love italian-american food..so I will definately try them out in a couple of months.
    Do they have any special deals going on right now?
    I’d love to list them on Harrisonburg Steals & Deals.(http://www.hburgdeals.blogspot.com)

  9. I work right across the street, and upon my first visit, I was also a little dissapointed, due to convenience I went back in mid day on tuesday, and I am glad that I did. I did not witness any of the chaotic staff issues I had before, which was a welcome sign. A friend and I ordered a Pizza, and tried one of their Panzarotti’s… delicious, and unlike any italian food I have had before. The servers were unobtrusive, and timely, and the food was excellent. I didnt see the boisterous owner, and maybe thats for the best, but I could definitely tell that the place was beginning to come around… Sometimes you have to be a little patient I suppose… Cheers- Tony

  10. Last night I ate there with my family and had an aweful experience. It was me, my husband, and 3 small children. We ordered a sub, appetizer, and pizza. We received our sub 1st then 10 min’s later our appetizer arrived, still the kids are waiting on the pizza. Then 25 min’s later after we were done and the kids were starving the pizza arrived. Then the pizza had hardly any sauce on it, burnt on the bottom: tasted like cheap pizza, like CiCi’s. We never got refills on the drinks, no napkins, and after asking we got silverware. After an aweful meal, the bill was $50. We eat out often and will not recommend this rest. to no one.

  11. $9 for a 7-inch cheesesteak?

    I don’t care what you call it (a Caesare?), but it doesn’t come with fries or a drink. It comes in a plastic basket with damp chips. The steak was good and overflowing, but the onions weren’t cooked enough. We had to ask for utensils and got the absolute cheapest plastic forks and knives.

    We split a $12 14″, two drinks and an order of cheese sticks (which were really good). But the total bill with tip was $30.

    Either lower the price or throw in fries and a drink. Otherwise, I’m going to Ciro’s Lasagna House.

  12. I’ll admit, the place was a little chaotic at first – but that is to be expected when a new place just opens up. I have been to CG’s a few times since its opening, and they have really improved. The waitresses are a lot better now, and they seem to have the grove of things now. The food is excellent, but this was never an issue – the only issue was the timing, but now it seems to be coming out faster. The only issue that I have with the food is that a lot of times the appetizers come out at the same time as the food. Also if you order a pizza slice and a sandwich, the slice always comes out way before. I think this needs to be addressed. A suggestion I have would also be to put a Beer Tap upstairs at the bar as well as a Fountain Drink station – it would make things much more efficient.

    Overall this place is making steady progress. I love the food and the servers.

  13. I agree with steve. Get a tap upstairs and drink station upstairs and the customers won’t have to wait as long to get drinks – plus those stairs are a hazard for people coming up and down at the same time — and drinks would be the worst thing to spill or knock over!

  14. I can’t see how people have had such bad experiences with Cuchi Guido’s… perhaps because it’s new; things are bound to be a bit chaotic.

    My friends and I go there every Thursday night to end the week and hear whatever band is playing, and we have never had a bad time there. The waitresses are prompt and courteous, the food is always fresh and the atmosphere is great.

    On one visit, a friend attempted the 18″ Big Boy sub challenge and there was a slight problem between the manager and the server on when to start the time (he started when the sub left the kitchen, she started it when it hit our table) We didn’t think the situation seemed fair, as two minutes was lost between coming off the grill and being delivered to the table. My friend didn’t eat the whole sub anyway, but the manager DID come out to us and explain what went on and apologised to us for the disconnect between the kitchen and servers. He only charged half-price for the sub and delivered us a complimentary garlic bread platter.

    Overall, I love the food and the atomosphere of the restaurant and plan to continue my patronage there. I hope some of you with bad experiences will at least go back and give them a second chance, it’s honestly worth it.

  15. I went there during the snow storm in the winter and had a terrible experience. I ordered a take out pizza for myself and then went next door to Daves and ordered some food for my wife and had a drink. When I came back 45 mins (as requested) later they hadn’t even started making the pizza! I was told by the lady behind the counter that the chef had to, and I quote “give the dough the love”. I have no idea what that means, but Ciro’s, Franco’s etc etc seem to be able to through flour, yeast, sugar, salt and water together a little bit quicker than that!

    Needless to say I was pretty hacked off! 1hr and 10 minutes after paying for the pizza it was ready, it tasted pretty poor and certainly wasn’t worth the wait or the price tag.

    I have never been back and don’t intend to.

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