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Downtown Alternative to Black Friday Madness

I used to LOVE Black Friday. My mom and I would eat a big breakfast and then head into the crisp autumn air for some classic ‘hustle and bustle’. There were no 3am openings, no stampedes, no fights over the last widget-of-the-season. Maybe I’m looking through the rose-colored glasses of childhood memories, but that’s my recollection.

This year, local retailers in downtown are joining together to present the shopping event, Holiday Gift Blitz – the perfect alternative to Black Friday Frenzy. For one week (that’s right, they understand that it’s a nightmare to race around for just one day), participating shops/restaurants will over super-discounts on local gifts. You can see the entire gift list here!

So the question presents itself: where will we find ourselves shopping after Thanksgiving this year?

Or here:

I don’t know. Maybe that’s a tough one. Let’s try this……

Would you like to be here:

Or here:

Now just to set the record straight, I shop at big-box retail, you shop at big-box retail, we all shop at big-box retail. This is not downtown vs. ‘the strip’…..but this is a helpful reminder that you can keep your sanity during the shopping season while supporting the local economy – a worthy cause indeed. Happy Thanksgiving and happy shopping!

Click here for Holiday Gift Blitz information
Alexis Morehouse is the Senior Promotions Manager at Harrisonburg Downtown Renaissance. This January marks the start of her fifth year with HDR and her tenth year in the ‘burg.


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