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Why Everyday Downtown is like Christmas

With downtown comes an energy that can only be compared to the holiday season. The energy is contagious. The productivity you can experience on any given day matches even the most desperate, last minute dash to finish Christmas shopping. An ordinary happy hour at Cally’s can bring with it the frivolity of Christmas dinner…..with better drinks. The eclectic mix of stores and restaurants are like an average family’s Christmas table, complete with worldly cousin and the uber-successful sibling. Which store is the crazy uncle you ask? You’ll have to decide that for yourself!

(Crazy Uncle)

So while you’re putting your finishing touches on holiday shopping, get-togethers, and oh-my-goodness-I-can’t-possibly-cook-another-thing dinners out, consider coming downtown.

Polished on West Water Street

Stop by Polished and get the perfect bracelet for your mother. Artful Dodger for a cup of hot chocolate to keep you warm. The bank for what you know your little brother wants most of all – cash.

Dave’s Taverna for a gift certificate for your grandparents who seem stuck in a chain-restaurant rut. James McHone for an estate piece that screams, “I didn’t go to the mall. I actually thought about this”. There are treasures everywhere downtown. So, give a little character this season.

James McHone Jewelry on Court Square

And during the rest of the year, when you miss that hustle and bustle, have a seat at one of the many outdoor tables, have a drink and watch downtown be downtown. Watch the students shop, the children come out of Explore More Discovery Museum with their eyes filled with wonder and the professionals hurry to their high powered meetings. And while you’re doing that, remember the joy of picking out the perfect gift for your mother-in-law, your children’s faces on Christmas morning, and the general busyness of the season. Smile, take a deep breath, and relax…because, after all, you can do that downtown as well.

Tara Bryant worked her tail off promoting downtown Storm Lake, Iowa. Now, as a transplant to the valley, we’ve been lucky enough to scoop her up as a Promotions Committee volunteer. In addition to guest blogging, we particularly appreciate her cold-weather dedication during Holidays on Main Street.


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