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Happy Hour to the Rescue

Union Station Restaurant

Put away your Hamburger Helper. Better yet, leave it on the shelf, it’s not going anywhere. But you should!  There’s a new place to do dinner in downtown Harrisonburg, for roughly the same cost as what you’d pay to make the infamous dinner-in-a-box (add your choice of meat).

The ever-growing popularity of Harrisonburg’s Union Station Restaurant is now reaching new limits with the delicious, affordable, and hand-crafted “Happy Hour Bar Bites Menu”  available from four o’clock till seven o’clock and again from nine o’clock until close at The Station.  Along with offering unique cocktails during the four to seven o’clock happy hour, Union Station has designed one of the most unique and impressive happy hour food menus to hit the ‘Burg in recent memory.

Want something light? Try some of the Station’s delicious chips & salsa ($1.95) with a house salad (also $1.95).   For those who prefer meat and potatoes, Union Station serves up one of the best burgers in town, complete with a homemade bun, served next to hand-cut fries for only $2.95. That’s right. You read it correctly.  Even those with more of an exquisite taste can enjoy the elegant deviled salmon cakes ($4.95) or a Blackened Catfish Cake ($2.95) during the happy hour special and still have enough change left over to catch a ride home.  How about something with some kick? The Cajun Nachos ($3.00) offer a little zest without the pains in your chest, and feature ground chorizo and smoked salsa – some of the best tasting nachos this Friendly City food fan has tasted east of the Mississip’.


Bar taps at "The Station"

Whether headed home after work or looking to relax in a casual yet classy environment, the Station has something to offer that will cater to your unique taste buds.  Better yet, the Bar Bites Menu features interesting dinner options sure to keep that Hamburger Helper on the shelf at your local grocery store!


Derek Blyer is a volunteer for Harrisonburg Downtown Renaissance’s Promotions Committee. In addition to offering his assistance to business focus groups, he and his brother (he recruits for us too!) also brave the cold to help downtown holiday events.


One thought on “Happy Hour to the Rescue

  1. Thanks for this great review, Derek – I was just at Union Station last week, and had a fabulous ravioli dish. Hooray for downtown restaurants!

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