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Downtown Interns: How we love thee…

Every year Harrisonburg Downtown Renaissance benefits from the amazing talents of student interns. This past year was no exception. Patricia Nicastri (JMU ’12), who spent the fall semester of 2010 with us, submitted the following blog entry. We owe so much to Patty for her amazing work.


I am a huge fan of food.  All sorts of food.  Actually, I don’t really like mushrooms, which my mom finds absurd, but other than that I will pretty much eat anything.  When I discovered all the great places to eat downtown, it became my personal goal to eat at every restaurant (probably more than once).

To be quite honest, I had rarely come downtown before this year.  As a junior at James Madison University I was used to the JMU bubble and using all of my meal punches on campus.  Then, voila, I got this great internship at Harrisonburg Downtown Renaissance.  Before I knew it, I was always suggesting to my roommates that we get dinner downtown or even just walk around (the walking around part was before temperatures dropped below freeze-me.)

Although I have not yet accomplished my restaurant goal, here is a list of the places I have eaten at downtown and what I ate (like I said, I love good food):

Arepera Las Chamas: My first time eating an arepa. Verdict-delicious. I will be back.
: Awesome burger.

Clementine: The crab cake literally melted in my mouth.

Dave’s Taverna: I did not know they had Greek food until I went there! Souvlaki is now one of my favorite foods.

Finnigan’s Cove: Great Hushpuppies and Hot Crab and Spinach Dip.

My next stop will probably be Jack Brown’s.  Yesterday my roommate told me that on Fridays they have a burger with mac & cheese on it.  I also found out that they have fried Oreos.  So this is my next logical restaurant step.

Overall, interning with HDR has been a great experience and had I never worked here I would never have realized how much I love downtown!  So I’d like to thank HDR for my great internship experience, which led to my introduction of the food scene.  So watch out downtown! I will be eating your food, and will be enjoying it.  Even when my internship is over, don’t think you’re getting rid of me!


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