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Success Breeds Success

Every now and then we like to brag….actually, I take that back. We brag all the time! Even in the dentist’s chair this morning I was able to garble out some restaurant recommendations in between water picks and “Mr. Thirsty”. So this is yet another shameless pat-on-the-back-of-downtown.

The Harrisonburg-Rockingham Chamber of Commerce throws their annual gala each January. It’s a great place to see  local business folks, network, talk about accomplishments and ideas. This year we were advised to attend as there would be important awards given out to some of our colleagues. Cryptic message, but effective.

We were there along with two of our amazing board members, Charlie Chenault and Cheryl Elliot, to watch the exciting awards ceremony. <insert drum roll>

Dave Miller, of Dave’s Downtown Taverna, was awarded Business Person of the Year


Aaron Ludwig, of Jack Brown’s Beer and Burger Joint, was awarded Entrepreneur of the Year

I feel like downtown just swept the Oscars! Congrats to our two winners AND to all the other businesses who help make downtown the best place for local business!


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