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We Do Food. Well.

Yes, it’s true that downtown Harrisonburg has developed a reputation. We hear it when we go to conferences across the state, “Oh you’re from Harrisonburg? That’s like, Restaurant Row!”

After a lot of work, the Downtown Dining Alliance is taking this town by storm. They’ve worked to donate to the Salvation Army Food Drive, the United Way, the Boys and Girls Club and now they’re even taking on the football food tent for the JMU Dukes Club! And we know those Dukes can EAT!
Check out the news coverage by WHSV on this collaborative effort to bring local food to the JMU Football games.

The Downtown Dining Alliance doesn’t just stop at donations. With the leadership of Dave Miller (of Dave’s Downtown Taverna) the group now provides restaurant and bar specials to third party promoters such as HDR and SOS Advertising. Local dining web searches were in such high demand, that SOS has developed a separate website specifically to promote these restaurant deals. Check it out!

This is the first website in Virginia to publicize drink specials and that was all made possible by Dave’s research and work with the Virginia ABC board (he has the letter of permission framed in his trophy case….it’s true).

And what started all of this food-kumbaya in the first place? Well there were a ton of factors, but the first major collaborative effort was the biannual event, Taste of Downtown.
Since the event began in August 2008, this restaurant week has become one of the most popular events in town, thanks to the amazing restaurants in downtown Harrisonburg for working so well together and supporting our “Restaurant Row”. And for this year’s Taste of Downtown, we have one more business to thank. DIGICO shoot | post | design (also located in downtown Harrisonburg) supported this event with its first EVER commercial!!

So mark your calendars for what we do best. FOOD! Taste of Downtown, March 6-12.


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