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Living Downtown

Living in Downtown Harrisonburg

There are plenty of options if you want to rent an apartment in downtown Harrisonburg, but if you want to buy a home in or very close to downtown Harrisonburg, your options are more limited.

Downtown Home Sales: March 24, 2009 – March 24, 2011

The star on the map above marks Court Square, and around it, you can see how many home sales have taken place in each of four areas over the past two years (per the HRAR MLS).  Living on the north side of Route 33 (green & red) certainly keeps your housing options more affordable, though those areas are comprised of somewhat smaller and/or older homes than those areas south of Route 33 (orange and purple).

The number of people living in downtown Harrisonburg continues to grow, but most of that growth is via new apartment buildings or other rental options, such as Urban Exchange, Sancar Flats and The Colonnade.

Scott Rogers is a Coldwell Banker Real Estate Agent and manages http://www.HarrisonburgHousingToday.com. He serves on the HDR Promotions Committee and finds himself volunteering for numerous events throughout the summer.


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