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Ask Eddie: Harrisonburg Tourism & Visitor Services

Q: How does Harrisonburg Tourism and Visitor Services benefit downtown businesses?

A: Harrisonburg Tourism & Visitor Services is a great partner in promoting downtown and offers a range of services of value to businesses in our downtown. Their mission is to position Harrisonburg and downtown Harrisonburg as a premier travel destination. Approximately 200 people per day come to the Visitor Center in the Hardesty-Higgins House for information about shopping, dining, and attractions in the area. Many choose to visit downtown as part of their visit.

The Center displays brochures and rack cards for downtown businesses, as well as posters and event flyers. Experienced Travel Specialists greet visitors at the Center 9am – 5pm seven days per week. To attract shoppers to their stores, businesses can display retail merchandise and provide live demonstrations. Contact Brenda Black at 432-8935 to learn more about how you can promote your business to 6,000 people a month!


4 thoughts on “Ask Eddie: Harrisonburg Tourism & Visitor Services

  1. Yes! Check back often for a new slew of more frequent posts about downtown businesses, people, and happenings!

  2. ed – I need a lawyer to expunge a misdemenor for my daughter that occured two years ago. I live out of state, do you know of a reputable one?

  3. Hello Paul,

    The Harrisonburg-Rockingham Bar Association website lists local attorneys along with their contact information and areas of practice, which can be found here:

    Best of luck!

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