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Ah, Fall.

Ah, Fall.  A time of renewal, of change, of rebirth… …that’s Fall right? People are excited to get out and go play? Not think about the upcoming winter blues? It’s still warm out?

My business is in downtown Harrisonburg and I like to run in downtown during the afternoons sometimes.  I’m a commuter into town for work, and I’m about to add another hour to that commute. So for a break in the day, I like to get out and reset by running around downtown.

I choose not to think about the sun going down at 5:30 p.m. or starting the day with a full jacket, hat, gloves, maybe a Sherpa, then having to shed clothing like Robert Conway descending into Shangri-La when I go out to get lunch. (If I eat the local Caribbean food, I feel like I’ve achieved some sort of inner peace.)  No, instead of thinking about going for a run in 19-degree weather, I’m focusing on the changes I see along the way.

Wonder put in a vinyl record section, “Wonder Records.”  RECORDS. Because they’re trying something. Something new.  Different.

Massanutten Regional Library just had their book sale.  Out with the old, in with the new(er).

Duo opened downtown. You can shop AND sell clothes at Duo.

Jack Brown’s came along and focused on some core things like beer and burgers, thought that went pretty well, and opened up Billy Jack’s Wing & Draft Shack.

Renovations, openings, closings… Downtown, and the season, marches on.

You still have to change with the time of year, with what’s around you. Downtown Harrisonburg doesn’t always pay attention to the weather. That’s a good thing.

I gotta go outside and see if I need a jacket…

Joey Groah is president and a partner at DIGICO Shoot | Post | Design, a full service video production and motion design company located in Harrisonburg, VA. He’s currently vice president of the Shenandoah Valley Technology Council and serves on the James Madison University School of Media Arts and Design Advisory Council. He hates the cold, but he bought some gloves last year from the Runner’s Corner so it’s not too bad.


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