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Thankful for Downtown

As a relative newcomer to the ‘Burg (three months now), I am naturally on the lookout for new and fun things to do and see in the town I now call home. I have enjoyed experiencing new places and meeting new people and hope I will continue to do so for some time to come.

Since it is the week of Thanksgiving, I thought I’d write about a few things in downtown Harrisonburg for which I am thankful. And this list is just the beginning!

Things to be Thankful for Downtown

  • The Pumpkin Roll at Shank’s Bakery–  Not only does this spiral of pumpkin cake and creamy white filling look great on the table, but it tastes great too. Pumpkin-y, spicy, cream-cheesy, nutty, delicious!
  • Oasis Gallery– This is a very nice art space with a collection of paintings, ceramics, jewelry, textiles, and sculpture. Oasis is a fitting name for this artsy respite.
  • The Artful Dodger– With way more personality than a Starbucks, this local coffee househas a hip, uptown vibe (check out the atomic clock collection!) along with some tasty brews. The pumpkin spice coffee is a nice choice for the season.
  • Laughing Dog–  This unique gift shophas fun, unusual items and is a great place to do some holiday shopping. They make custom printed t-shirts, sportswear, and accessories (I know businesses in Richmond who wouldn’t use anyone else for their custom “tees”), and the owners bring their dog, Sparky, to work with them every day. He may not get up when you come through the door, but he’ll give you an enthusiastic “tail wag” nevertheless! And the people I know who bring their dogs to work are all people I like. I’m just saying…
  • Kline’s Dairy Bar– This popular spot’s Flavor of the Week for November 17-23 is, you guessed it, pumpkin! (OK, so I am a bit of a pumpkin freak). And as a holiday special, they’ll also be offering a second Flavor of the Week – Egg Nog. You can’t get much more seasonal than that. If you have never had their ice cream, you have been missing out. What are you waiting for?!!
  • The Harrisonburg Farmers Market– You can still shop on Tuesdays and Saturdays until Thanksgiving at this great outdoor market. After that, check their websitefor Holiday and Winter Market hours. What a privilege to have such a great market in the downtown area, especially if you like to go local when shopping for your food. There is nothing like buying an apple or sweet potato from the person who grew it. It is quickly becoming my favorite Saturday morning place to be!

 Lindsay Denny is a member of the Harrisonburg Downtown Renaissance Promotions Committee.

All photos © 2011 Lindsay Denny


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