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Meet Katina!

Hello Downtown Enthusiasts,

My name is Katina Stevenson and I am the Spring Promotions Intern with Harrisonburg Downtown Renaissance. I am a Senior at James Madison University majoring in Communication Studies with a concentration in Public Relations. That means I love meeting people and communicating in every possible medium, including blogging! I am originally from Virginia Beach, and while I will always be a beach bum at heart, I absolutely love exploring the natural beauty of this area. As a Senior, I’ve had some time to get acquainted with our wonderful community and become familiar with a lot of what downtown Harrisonburg has to offer, but I know there is more to discover. This spring, I’m excited to continue to explore with all of you. My stories and posts will keep you updated on upcoming attractions and  in the know about local businesses and vendors.

This spring, I will be writing a column on Wednesdays about one of my favorite things downtown has to offer- arts and entertainment! Every week, I will share with you an experience I had, or will have, downtown in the realm of art, music, or anything and everything else that can entertain. Our downtown is certainly a thriving art and music scene and there is rarely a shortage of things to do.  On any given day of the week, there are a number of attractions, whether it be salsa dancing at the Artful Dodger, live music at Clementine, a DJ at the Blue Nile, or an exhibit at the Virginia Quilt Museum. I am especially excited to cover our thriving downtown music scene. It is always a treat to experience a downtown show, and I’m especially excited about one of my favorite downtown events- MACRoCk.

In addition to music, I am a lover of all things fashion and I have a passion, others call it an obsession, for scouring downtown for the latest deals. My column is arts and entertainment, and in my mind everything offered by Mint, the Yellow Button, Duo, Ten Thousand Villages, the Laughing Dog, James McHone Jewelry, and Polished, Inc certainly fits under that “art” category!

One of the best things about our community is the relationships that are formed with other locals, and in this spirit, I want to hear from you! I encourage you to comment about your experiences as well as suggest events and aspects of downtown that you would like to see featured. I’m excited to get started,  so come back soon and remember, “Do Downtown!”


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