Ask Eddie

Ask Eddie: What were the highpoints of the Plan Our Park public meeting in January?

The primary purpose of the meeting on January 12 was to report to the community on visits in late October to Lynchburg, VA and Asheville, Thomasville and Greensboro in North Carolina. The visitation team consisted of Bibb Frazier, Phyllis Coulter, Jeremiah Jenkins, Noah McBrayer Jones, Henry Way, Lee Foerster and Eddie Bumbaugh.

Each community and urban park provided wonderful learning, including the value of water features and tasteful landscaping, and offering attractive places for people to gather. Performance or activity space should not be the major focus of a park, and well- designed parks can serve as both an economic and cultural boost. Successful park projects require collaboration and professional design. For more information, visit the website at

The book Urban Green: Innovative Parks for Resurgent Cities by Peter Harnik has two quotes that I would like to share. “For city residents the world over, public parks hold a special place in our hearts. They are places where families from every imaginable background come together and share in the sense of community that is at the heart of city life.” “All great cities have great parks is a common saying, but it is closer to the truth to say that great parks have great cities.”

Eddie Bumbaugh is the Executive Director for Harrisonburg Downtown Renaissance.


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