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St. Patrick’s Day Specials Downtown

You don’t need to be Irish to enjoy all of the drink specials downtown this Saint Patrick’s Day, Saturday March 17th! Jack Brown’s, Billy Jack’s, Capital Ale House, and Clementine Cafe are all hosting their own Irish-inspired celebrations throughout the day incorporating traditional Irish drink and fare- Saint Paddy’s Day in Jacktown, Saint Patrick’s Day at Capital Ale House, and Limericks and Libations DJ Dance Party.

Saint Paddy’s Day in Jacktown

Jack Brown’s and Billy Jack’s will take part in this joint celebration beginning at 11am. These neighboring bars will offer different specials to keep patrons entertained throughout the day. Jack Brown’s will have a keg of Porterhouse Broan Blazer, as well as Irish-style craft beers like reds and stouts. Of course, it wouldn’t be a complete celebration at Jack Brown’s without a creative interpretation of the hamburger to go along with the holiday- cue the Lucky Leprechaun Burger– your classic burger topped with Wagyu corned beef. Not to be outdone, Billy Jack’s will be serving Guinness all day plus featured beers like Smithwick’s, Bass, and Magners Cider with their signature Irish inspired sandwich of the day, the Reuben.

Saint Patrick’s Day at Capital Ale House

Although Capital Ale House is new to Harrisonburg, this year marks their 10th annual Saint Patrick’s Day Celebration! Beginning at 11 am, Capital Ale House will open their doors for patrons to enjoy traditional drinks, a special holiday menu, and Celtic music.  Capital Ale House will have 10 Irish and Scottish ales on tap with even more than that available as bottled selections. The extensive Saint Patrick’s Day menu offers a variety of traditional Irish fare including pub chips with curry mayonnaise, corned beef and cabbage, dill and whiskey cured salmon, flat iron steak topped with Jameson sauce, and decadent desserts like chocolate and Irish cream trifle and nutty Irishman panna cotta. Starting at 7pm, local band Shen Fine and a guest bagpiper will take the stage, playing their blend of Celtic and Appalachian music.

Limerick’s Libations DJ Dance Party

Clementine Cafe will be celebrating Saint Patrick’s Day with a dance party twist. Starting at 9pm until midnight, house DJ Neals Barkley, who I interviewed a couple of weeks ago, will spin a mix of  Irish drinking songs and party classics. When you need to cool off from the dance floor, grab a couple baby Guinness shots or O’Hara’s draft for $3 and a variety of other Irish bottles like Smithwick’s and Harp for just $2.

Whether you choose to celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day at Jack Brown’s, Billy Jack’s, Capital Ale House, or Clementine Cafe- or all four like me– you’re sure to get your annual dose of Irish heritage this Saturday.


Katina Stevenson is the Promotions Intern for Spring 2012. She is a senior Communication Studies major with a concentration in Public Relations at James Madison University.


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