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Your Downtown Real Estate Manager – Friend or Foe?

If you are preparing to work with a real estate manager, you may be wondering what we’re all about and what you can expect. Most of us are friendly! Most of us like to have fun!  Most of us don’t take ourselves too seriously! And, believe it or not, most of us DO want you to enjoy your property and get your security deposit back!

Managing real estate is simple yet very complex at the same time. Here’s how the relationship generally works – the real estate manager is always employed by the owner of the property and has an agency relationship with that owner that must be honored, with an overarching duty to treat all parties honestly. Most real estate issues that arise have a clear solution, often with only one appropriate action to be taken as is dictated by regulation or by a written agreement. However, just like anything else in life, there are times when judgment calls must be made.  While no one likes making these types of decisions, they must be made and many times influence whether or not a productive relationship grows or expires.

I like to believe that most of the community we work with at Matchbox are rational people…most times true, but sometimes not true.  I also like to believe that real estate managers want to treat others the way they want to be treated…most times true, but sometimes not true (unfortunately).

If you ever have a real estate issue that arises, judge the action of your real estate manager with one of the following questions: After the fact, would you ever join your real estate manager at Pennybackers for a Mason Jar?  Or Jack Brown’s for a burger? Or Capital Ale House for a…but I digress.  If the answer is no, then there wasn’t a win-win solution to your issue.  If the answer is yes, then, in the words of James Taylor, “You’ve got a friend!”

We manage many residences and commercial suites in the downtown area and we intend to create long-term relationships through what we do.  Managing these properties gives us the ability to participate in the continued growth of downtown and the re-use of some unbelievable properties that would otherwise be vacant remnants of the past.

At the Urban Exchange, City Exchange, Walton Hotel, and Wine Bros. Building, we get to work with so many different people and, like each of these properties, every interaction with them is unique and makes what we do worthwhile!

Urban Exchange, home to 194 condos and 12000 SF of retail space, at 238 E Water St. in downtown Harrisonburg.

City Exchange, constructed in 1908 as a produce exchange building and now home to 26 luxury one- and two-bedroom flats, Local Chop & Grill House, and offices. Located at 56 West Gay Street in downtown Harrisonburg.

Formerly the Walton Hotel, this building was given new life and is now home to the Ethiopian restaurant Blue Nile and apartments. Located at 181 North Main Street in downtown Harrisonburg.

The Wine Bros. Building is now home to the Fairfield Center, You Made It! Paint-Your-Own-Pottery Studio, and offices at 165 South Main Street in downtown Harrisonburg.

Our interest in bringing new life to old properties isn’t limited to the locations we manage. Instead of choosing a traditional office setting for our new Matchbox offices, our main operation is located in a renovated service area of a former car dealership on North Liberty Street. We feel it has served us well in helping facilitate friendly relationships. We always hope to relate to our customers, clients, and tenants and we feel that the design, atmosphere, and décor of our new offices are modern yet still very inviting. This space reflects who we are and the progressiveness of how we do business.

The former Buick dealership, now home to Matchbox.

The Matchbox offices at 202 North Liberty Street, Suite 101, in downtown Harrisonburg.

At Matchbox, we plan to be around for a very long time managing properties in downtown Harrisonburg.  With this kind of long-term view of real estate management, we hope to be friends with many of you and serve you in the future in one of our residences or in one of our commercial buildings.

Join us in downtown…there’s always something interesting to discover!

Michael Hendricksen is the Chief Operating Officer, Portfolio Manager, and Associate Broker for Matchbox Realty. If you’d like to talk more with Mike, please contact him at Mike@MatchboxRealty.com  or (540) 434–5150 x112.


2 thoughts on “Your Downtown Real Estate Manager – Friend or Foe?

  1. Great information thanks for sharing. Personally I would like to meet some real estate managers and see how they are able to manage the real estate business.

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