The 1990s make a comeback at Renaissance Night

Flash back to the 1990s with HDR’s Renaissance Night on May 12 at Dave’s Downtown Taverna.  This annual fundraiser for downtown revitalization features dinner, drinks, dancing, live music, live and silent auctions, and a raffle.

The decade theme has been fresh and fun each year and also an ideal theme for Renaissance Night considering how much downtown has changed over the decades. Historically, downtown has served as the area’s center of commerce and government since 1779, when the first court house was built, experienced further growth in the 1850s when Isaac Hardesty served as Harrisonburg’s first mayor, and continued expansion until the 1980s when many businesses moved east to Valley Mall. Many people described downtown as a ghost town until the early 2000s when the city and Harrisonburg Downtown Renaissance began promoting downtown revitalization.

What were the 1990s?  This was a favorite decade for me. I was young; I enjoyed the music, fashion, entertainment, and technology boom of the decade.  The 90s were “like a box of chocolates; you never know what you’re gonna get.”  From “Seinfeld” to “Friends,” flannel shirts to spandex shorts, Bill Clinton to Kurt Cobain, and the World Wide Web to cell phones, there really is no one way to define the 1990s.

So come join us to relive the decade on May 12.  There will be a costume contest, so please dress in your 90’s best or as a personality from that decade.  If you are stumped, visit this website to get inspired and connect with our event on Facebook for more ideas and event updates. If you still aren’t sure, we will have a costume box set up with 90’s attire and accessories you can choose from to join in the fun when you arrive.  See you there!

Melanie Woodard is the owner of Polished, Inc. in downtown Harrisonburg and a member of the HDR Organization Committee.


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