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Meet Kari!

Hi! My name is Kari Owens and I am happily the new Promotions Intern for Harrisonburg Downtown Renaissance.

I am a rising senior at James Madison University, with a major in Media Arts & Design and a minor in Creative Writing. I dabble in both print and web design, and find that writing unleashes my creative thinking.

I also work on campus as a Peer Access Advocate for the Office of Disability Services where I serve as a support for students registered with the office, help plan on-campus events, and work on design projects any chance I get!

I have previously worked as the Design Intern for the Smithsonian Anacostia Museum where I was fortunate to have many wonderful opportunities to not only design for various mediums, but also attend events and work closely with an artist and his artwork for an exhibition.

I have always loved art, both new and historical, and this love is carried over to an appreciation for the artistic vibe of downtown Harrisonburg.

Art so often coincides with enriched cultural experiences and I believe that downtown Harrisonburg has just that. The support for local artists downtown is a refreshing spin on the actual Italian Renaissance. This past fall, I studied for four months in Florence, Italy, also known as the cultural hub of the Renaissance period. While I was there, I took a class on Italian Renaissance Art and my eyes were opened to the amazing cultural rebirth that Italy and the rest of Europe experienced at this time.

During the Renaissance, patrons bought artwork and displayed different pieces around the city and in their homes, which in turn created traffic for the talented artist (sound familiar?). As not only a student but also a graphic artist and amateur photographer, I value the appreciation that downtown Harrisonburg has for local art and I am looking forward to exploring more of what the local arts and entertainment scene has to offer!

Aside from my scholarly ambitions and traveling excursions, one of my most enjoyed passions is dining; trying new foods, exploring the vast world of wine and beer, and then sharing my experiences with friends (and now, all of you)! I hope to experience all of the good eats that downtown has to offer and share with this blog a behind-the-scenes look at the faces of our community and the stories that come along with them.  I firmly believe, and some would say that it has now become a motto for me, that sharing stories connects one another in many unlikely ways and opens doors to worlds you may not have had the chance to explore yet. And what could be more fun than adventures!?

Stay hungry for next week’s post when we cool down this blistering summer with a behind-the-scenes look at Kline’s Dairy Bar – YUM!
Kari Owens is the HDR Promotions Intern for Summer and Fall 2012. She is a rising senior Media Arts & Design major and Creative Writing minor at James Madison University.



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