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Welcome to the new Do Downtown blog

The Do Downtown blog has been a source of news and feature stories since it began in 2008 as an extension of the Harrisonburg Downtown Renaissance website. But as valuable as the blog has been through the years, we found it was time to freshen it up and make a few changes.

Featured Columns
The first of these changes you’re likely to notice is a brand new five-column focus. With so many things happening in downtown, it can often be difficult to keep up with it all. Our dedicated columns will make it easy for you by focusing on the things you want to know about most – the people and places that make our community unique, events and things to do, and the styles and flavors that form our cultural experience in downtown.

Sights + Sounds of Downtown
We’ll also be adding more media to the blog – not just photographs, but videos, podcasts, music, and visual art – to give you a fuller experience of what downtown is all about.

Broader Social Media Integration
Facebook. Twitter. Flickr. YouTube. We know you’re on social networks and everyone has their favorite. We want to connect with you no matter where you are. So like us, re-tweet us, and tell us where you want to connect with us.

Your Voices
Everyone’s downtown experience is different and we want to highlight that diversity. So in addition to our staff writers, we’ll be featuring more community contributors than ever before. Want to submit a story? Check out our submission guidelines.

I hope you enjoy these changes and I thank you for your patience as we make this transition. Downtown Harrisonburg is not only where I grew up and now work, but it’s also the place I choose to spend much of my free time. I’ll look forward to seeing your comments on the blog, your faces on the street, and hearing about your favorite ways to Do Downtown!



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