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Holiday Decorating Tips from Pat Kuszyk Interiors

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When the holidays come around and we want to decorate our homes, there are basically two ways to approach the decorations: “Real and fresh” or “Decorative faux.” Using both over the years has served me well as sometimes there are time restraints or financial concerns. When trying to determine how long I want to have a decoration on display, I consider the quality of the decorations and the cost to help me decide what materials are best to use.

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During the winter holidays, I love using fresh greens, fruits, and berries because the aromas add to the beauty and ambiance of holiday occasions in the home.  For instance, a fresh lemon cone with sprigs of holly, a door wreath with boxwood or pine greens, or fruits and berries on your table or door will be inviting to you and your guests. If you make a table centerpiece for a party or open house, it can be set in the garage or another place where it is cool to preserve the decoration until you display it.

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Holiday decorations don’t need to be intimidating – sometimes the simplest touches can make the biggest impact. You don’t have to be crafty to set out a bowl of fruit, cut greens, berries, or holly. Turn a few stemmed wine glasses upside-down and place a few colored candles on top for an elegant, yet easy, decoration.  Or take used decorations from past years and cover them with gold or silver spray paint to reinvent your holiday look without investing in entirely new materials.

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Remember, less is more and simple can be elegant and beautiful. Take out the stress and add in the fun this year!

Happy decorating!
Pat Kuszyk Interiors

Pat Kuszyk Interiors is a sponsor of this year’s Downtown Holiday Tour, taking place this Sunday, December 2 from 1:00 – 5:00 pm in downtown Harrisonburg. The tour will highlight eight downtown locations decorated for the holidays, including historic homes of Old Town and downtown lofts and work spaces. Explore these locations’ unique architectural details and diverse green design elements, while getting more tips on holiday decorations and enjoying festive refreshments! For more information, please visit the Downtown Holiday Tour page.


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