Food…for thought: Winter Recreation and Downtown

Despite the peculiarly warm spells of weather that have been gracing the ‘Burg on and off for the past few weeks, the real winter weather is clearly eager to make a comeback. As these chillier days are upon us, some people find it too difficult to keep doing the outdoor activities they love, like taking a walk or going on a hike.

It’s too cold, let’s see a movie!”  Does this sound at all familiar? The winter season is an easy time to relax and eat a whole roll of Tollhouse cookie dough without even realizing it. While all that’s completely acceptable in my book, there is that minor thing called exercise we tend to let get away from us during cold, dreary afternoons.

To combat what I like to call “Cold Weather Syndrome,” let’s explore all the ways downtown Harrisonburg can help you stand up against this epidemic.

Dancing with Karen.

Dancers enjoy a class at Dancing with Karen. Photo courtesy of Daniel Quinn.

If you are looking to “shake your grove thing” while getting in shape at the same time, there are a number of dance studios catering to everyone from the novice dancer to the Michael Jackson aspirants. “Dancing with Karen,” located on 77 East Market St., offers a number of workshops and classes sure to spark the interest of even the biggest skeptics. This studio is considered THE spot for Social Dance in the Valley, which includes everything from ballroom dancing to West Coast swing to hip-hop. There are also gift certificates available to get your special someone up and off the couch. Head to the Dancing with Karen website for a full schedule of classes offered this winter.

inner goddess studioIf you are feeling a little “spicy,” the Inner Goddess Studio for women, located at 122 South Main Street, Suite 300, provides fitness through forms of dance like belly dancing, pole-dancing, and hip-hop. Why not try something new? Check out their website for more information.

bikram hot yoga harrisonburg

For more traditional exercise, yoga is offered in a number of ways throughout downtown. Bikram Hot Yoga Harrisonburg, located at 90 North Main Street, Suite 101, is heating things up in their 2,300 square foot facility, offering a new wave of yoga practices developed by Bikram Choudhury. Bikram Yoga is performed in a heated room and has been proven very effective by millions. Check out this YouTube video to see for yourself. You can also head to the Bikram Hot Yoga Harrisonburg website to learn more about this fascinating practice.

A class at The Center. Photo courtesy of HDR archives.

A class at The Center. Photo courtesy of HDR archives.

The Center, located at 70 North Main Street, offers more conventional yoga classes as well as strenuous Pilates. Why not take the opportunity to get out of the cold and reduce stress at the same time? Head to their Facebook page to see what all the buzz is about!

No more excuses! Take the opportunity this winter to discover new talents and be the healthiest you can be.

Daniel Quinn is a writing intern at Harrisonburg Downtown Renaissance and a senior Writing, Rhetoric, and Technical Communications major at James Madison University.


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