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A new online look for Earth & Tea Cafe

Downtown Harrisonburg restaurant Earth & Tea Cafe has a new website, featuring a full menu and tea list, a history of the business, contact information, and photographs of the interior of the cafe and the delicious homemade foods served.

A screenshot of the new Earth & Tea Cafe website, designed by James Carter.

A screenshot of the new Earth & Tea Cafe website, designed by James Carter.

Founded in 2007, Earth & Tea Cafe’s menu has evolved over the years to include a wide assortment of teas, a variety of international dishes, and the recent addition of craft and imported beers along with a selection of wines.

Earth & Tea Cafe founder and owner Aarom Millones is delighted to have an online presence to complement the restaurant’s physical location. The site was built by Harrisonburg web developer James Carter, who runs James Carter Web. Taking inspiration from the interior of the restaurant, James created a responsive site that automatically re-sizes based on the device used by the site visitor.

“Many small businesses do not have the time or resources to develop and maintain a mobile app,” says James. “Having a responsive site means that the website is optimized for almost all devices. This especially caters to the growing number of users that access the internet on a handheld device. Powering the site with WordPress means that Earth & Tea Cafe staff will be able to update the site’s content without needing to know a thing about coding.”

To learn more and check out the full site, please visit EarthAndTea.com, and grab a bite to eat at Earth & Tea Cafe, located at 120 South Main Street in downtown Harrisonburg.

James specializes in creating and hosting websites for small- to medium-sized businesses as well as providing technical support and IT training to individuals and businesses. His previous sites include, among others, downtown’s Blue Ridge Architects, Still Meadows Enrichment Center and Camp, and Bath Cancer Unit Support Group.


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