Sandy Wenger, Holistic Health Counselor | May Edition: Self-Care

Self-care:  we all know what it is we need to do to care for ourselves, but doing it is another thing. Too often we put ourselves on the back burner while we care for everyone else. Or perhaps we are lazy and don’t take the time to look at making healthy changes. Or maybe we just don’t know where to begin.

At times, the basics – nutrition, exercise, sleep, stress management – get lost in the shuffle of life. We grab fast food and eat on the go. We stay up late trying to get work done. We “forget” to make time to move our bodies. Life gets away from us. WE get away from us. Before we know it, we are feeling tired, anxious, overweight, unhappy, unmotivated, and with body aches and pains.

But now is the time to make time for care of self. Without making time now, life will continue to get away from you.

Photo courtesy of the New Day Holistic Health Counseling website.

Photo courtesy of the New Day Holistic Health Counseling website.

Begin with a simple practice of being intentional. Notice what you put in your mouth. Notice your stress level. Notice the amount of movement you are giving your body and where pain may be coming from. Notice if you take time for quiet/meditation/prayer. It is only after noticing these things that you can begin to make changes.

Start small. Start with a simple, but important change, such as carrying a water bottle with you to give your body more intake of clear water.  This helps your body stay hydrated and rid itself of the toxins it incurs in daily life.

Now is the time. Now is YOUR time!

Sandy Wenger is a holistic health counselor from New Day Holistic Health Counseling, located downtown Harrisonburg.  Call Sandy if you’d like someone to walk with you as you look toward making changes in your body/mind/spirit.  Contact her at (540) 421-8057 or


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