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Meet Marisa!


Hello, Harrisonburg!

My name is Marisa Cagnoli and I am the new HDR Promotions and Social Media intern! I (sadly) just graduated from James Madison University, where I majored in Communication Studies and minored in Music Industry. I feel that downtown Harrisonburg is growing and thriving at an exciting pace, so I decided to stay in town after graduation to be a part of the excitement. As a resident of downtown Harrisonburg and an avid supporter of downtown businesses, I am proud to say that I “Do Downtown” and want to influence others to do the same!

I love downtown Harrisonburg for the unique shops and all the delicious cuisine options, and especially the exciting events that happen here each year. There is one event in particular, MACROCK, an annual music conference, that I feel grateful to have been personally involved with for the past four years.


Waxahatchee performing at the Little Grill Collective during MACROCK 2013.
Photo courtesy of http://macrock.tumblr.com/.

In 2010, I volunteered during MACROCK and from 2011 through this past April, I was on the MACROCK committee. During my time on the committee, I performed tasks such as creating music showcases at six different local venues, establishing advertising deals between MACROCK and various local businesses, promoting the event and the businesses, and overseeing the actual event each year. Being a part of MACROCK gave me the opportunity to meet and work with some amazing people in the downtown Harrisonburg community and has inspired me to promote and support them in any way I can.


The MACROCK 2013 Committee (from left to right): Marisa Cagnoli, Garin Pappas, Abby Chapple, Emilie von Unwerth, Kirsten MacDonald, Gus Caldwell, Chris Donnell, Troy Fultz. Also pictured are previous MACROCK Committee members Ben Mills, Tess Duncan, Patrick Walsh and Phil Kim.
Photo by Claire Holt.

During my internship at HDR  I plan to stay updated on all the new restaurants and stores that are continuously emerging in the downtown area. I hope to not only inform the community of the wonderful happenings of downtown Harrisonburg through my blog posts and coverage of events, but also to learn all that I can about the community itself.

Downtown Harrisonburg’s most important asset is its loving residents, so it’s important to me that I know their thoughts about their own town. That being said, I’m ready for an amazing summer in Harrisonburg and I hope you are too!

Marisa Cagnoli is the Summer 2013 Promotions + Social Media Intern for Harrisonburg Downtown Renaissance.


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