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An interview with Harrisonburg band Mammoth Indigo

I recently found out about the up-and-coming Harrisonburg-based band, Mammoth Indigo, through the release of their debut music video for their single, “Rapture“. The video features lead singer and guitarist, Cody Bowers, whom I got the chance to speak about the band’s sound, touring, and upcoming shows at two downtown venues.


Marisa Cagnoli: When/How did the band form? Did it begin with you making music and looking for others to collaborate with, or was it a joint effort between band members?

Cody Bowers: Originally, I started recording the album as a solo project and then decided I wanted to be a looping artist, with Eric [Singer] playing drums along with me. He came in, things progressed, and we figured we needed a full band. I’d played with Dan [McDonough] before in a previous band so I asked him to play guitar. He hopped right in and we wrote the rest of the album.

Who are the members in the band, what do they play, and how did you all decide to make music as a collective?

Cody Bowers – lead vocals and guitar

Dan McDonough – lead guitar, keyboards, percussion

Eric Singer – drums

Austin Scarbel – bass

Dan and I were in a band and about to go on tour a couple years ago when our drummer broke his legs. We knew of Eric through mutual friends and asked him to play with us in two days. He came with us and we were instantly drawn to his style, both as a drummer and a person. Dan used to live with Austin so we asked him to practice with us a few days before our first show. He’s an awesome musician. He was perfect.

How do you like to describe the genre(s) you play? Has Mammoth Indigo always played the same style of music or has it changed over time? 

Always the hardest question for me to answer… I don’t know anyone that sounds like us. I think we’re indie rock, but I don’t know. I think indie rock is so overused that I don’t even know what it means anymore. Some people say we have hints of folk in us too.

What are your plans for the future?

We’re about to tour as much as we can handle, mid-July through the end of August as of right now, maybe longer. We’re playing at the Artful Dodger on the 7th of July and the Blue Nile on the 10th before we head out for tour!

Your recent single “Rapture” has an awesome music video. Who came up with the concept for the video?

Thank you, it was essentially a really lucky, one-shot kind of thing. I was shooting a video with Forrest Pando of Pando Creative Co. for a song on our album called “God-Made Satellite” when I showed him “Rapture”. He liked the song and how I sang it so he immediately set up his camera with a black backdrop and put me in front of it. I sang the song, and a few months later we decided to use that video instead of the one we set out to make. Simple is good. We like simple.

What inspires you lyrically?

Music is a huge release for me. I rely on it for certain aspects of my personality, or just getting things off my chest. It keeps me healthy.

To find out more about Mammoth Indigo, visit:

Marisa Cagnoli is the Summer 2013 Promotions + Social Media Intern for Harrisonburg Downtown Renaissance.


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