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A Fond Farewell

Nicole Martorana_Photo by Betsy Jones

Considering new horizons: a photo from my previous trip to Europe. Photo by Betsy Jones.

As I sit at my desk looking out at the streets and businesses of downtown Harrisonburg, it is hard to believe my time at Harrisonburg Downtown Renaissance is coming to a close and that this is my last day at HDR. Not quite three years ago, I started my job here and began to gain new perspectives about a city already so familiar to me, a place in which I loved growing up.

In less than two months, I’ll begin another journey, this time in Europe where I will be pursuing my Master’s degree in Food Culture & Communications. I’m excited by the possibilities of this next stage and look forward to all of the opportunities to learn and grow in a new environment.

I’m so thankful for the time I have spent here with you, writing, photographing, and editing for the Do Downtown blog. I know great things are in store for downtown Harrisonburg and that there will continue to be a variety of interesting and exciting stories to be told about our community. I’m looking forward to reading all about them.

Downtown love,

Nicole Martorana is the outgoing Editor of the Do Downtown blog and the Director of Promotions for Harrisonburg Downtown Renaissance.


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