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Meet Kevin!

KevinHuber_OrgManagementIntern_Spring14Hey Harrisonburg!  My name is Kevin Huber and I am the new Organizational Management Intern at Harrisonburg Downtown Renaissance. I am senior at James Madison University majoring in Public Policy & Administration and minoring in Economics and Music Industry. I have worked at several jobs, ranging from retail sales, coaching tennis, and even teaching skiing/snowboarding at Massanutten. However, this is my first time working with a city organization and I’m excited to be doing so.

I am from Columbia, Maryland but have family ties to the New England area so don’t hold it against me if you see me wearing a Patriots sweatshirt or Red Sox hat! I decided to come to Harrisonburg for school because my older cousin attended JMU. After visiting, I immediately fell in love with the campus and the downtown lifestyle. The music performances at the local restaurants and the smells emanating from the kitchens captivated my senses and took over.  I made up my mind, at that point, that Harrisonburg was the right place for me.

I have a strong passion for community development and working on projects to better the community that I’m a part of.  Many businesses have emerged since I first came to Harrisonburg and the dining, shopping and entertainment scene has grown. At HDR, I will be helping to promote the downtown experience that’s at your fingertips! Economics has always interested me so keeping up to date on local businesses and trends that might affect the outcome of economic decisions is on my agenda as well.  Overall, I wish to help provide opportunities that will keep everyone active in the downtown scene.

Hope to see everyone downtown!

Kevin Huber is an HDR Organizational Management Intern for Spring 2014 and a senior Public Policy & Administration major at James Madison University.



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