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Ask Eddie: HDR staff changes and branding initiatives

Q: What updates can you provide on the status of HDR’s staff changes and branding initiatives?

A: There are many exciting changes at HDR. As you may know, Nicole Martorana has been accepted into a graduate program to study Food Culture and Communications in Italy. We appreciate very much Nicole’s work, and wish her well in her studies abroad.


Katie Yount, Director of Events

Kim Kirk, our Director of Events, will transition into the Director of Promotions position, which matches her interests and masters degree in Integrated Marketing and Communications very nicely. We received 58 applications for the Director of Events position, and the caliber of applications was extremely impressive.

Beginning March 3, the new Director of Events is Katie Yount (pictured). Katie comes to HDR from StellarOne Bank, where she organized events and developed many partnerships as their Marketing Coordinator.  Katie brings a passion for event planning and for downtown that will facilitate her transition to HDR and our events.

HDR has contracted with Sidecar Studio and Immerge Technologies to update our logo and website. As you can see below, the new logo retains much of historic feel of the original logo, while adding an updated look and greater flexibility. We have also developed six additional sub-brands (also shown below): shopping & dining, art & history, and recreation & events. The new website will be unveiled within the next several weeks.

HDR LogoSub-Brands for Web 4


Eddie Bumbaugh is the Executive Director for Harrisonburg Downtown Renaissance.

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